My name is Craig Shimala and I work at skinnyCorp.
I help make Threadless awesome and film random office hijinx which you can view here. Enjoy!
Dancing with Charlie and Kristen
Date: Tuesday, January 29, 2008
Category: Office Hijinx, Threadless, skinnyCorp
Cast: Charlie & Kristen
While I was setting up for a shoot Charlie and Kristen took it upon themselves to have a little dance party. Check out these smooth moves!
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Dancing with Charlie and Kristen

I Wish I Were

Lightning Strikes on the John Hancock Building

Piggy Bank Heist Part Deux


Jake Attempts to Kick His Shoe Over Our 22 Foot Tall Christmas Tree

skinnyCorp Christmas Tree 07

In A Comic

How Hamburgers Are Made

I LOVE Coffee

Past Present and Future

Bob Scorcho

Dashboard Confessional - HOB

New World Order(WIP)

Zombie Prankster

Pumpkin Drop 2

When I Was A Pumpkin

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Piggy Bank Heist

The Ping Pong Championships

Incomplete Pass

Hey Mercedes - Metro

Hey Mercedes - Quality Revenge At Last

Metro Party Line

Threadless Store - Grand Opening

Threadless Store

Sale Shipping Madness


Para Trooping

Carnie Nightlife

Anarchy In The UK

Moscow Takes Down Threadless

Caterpillar Crossing

Lollapalooza 07

Tee Giveaway

Party of Doom!!!

Parachuter Test

Ear Polish

Aisle Scare

The Invisible Decemberists

Lakefront Path

Catch A Wave

Go Kart vs RC vs Dog

skinnyCorp Flood

Melon Smash

Fall Out Boy - Schubas

Automatic BB Gun


Making Charlie a Woman

Love Punch


Bob goes to the beach

Making of the BURN

Smoke Grenade Test

In Oceanic Fashion

Deer Organ

GE Salmon

Sugar High

Sounds of the Sea

Pie Chart

The Secret Lives of Luggage

Helicopter Halgas

A Key For Everything

Super Off Road

Battlefield 1986

Living In Harmony

Et Cetera

Korova Orange Special

This is how I get to the bathroom

Chuck's Automotive

Fast Food Meal

Door Bust

El Conductor

I'm A Noun!

skinnyCart 64

The Changes - Metro

Mardi Gras with Drew Brees

Bob Walking

destroy NYC

If It Ain't Metal

Breaking Down Boxes

Ping Pong Battle

Threadless 365

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WTTW - Chicago Tonight

Saran Wrapping

Jose Gonzalez - Lakeshore Theater

The NEW Office

The Old Threadless Warehouse

The Black Rack Hoedown

$50 Pencil Shavings

Minus The Bear - Logan Square

Sufjan Stevens - Riviera


Anathallo - ACL

John Mayer - Studio X

Pete Yorn - Schubas

CNN - On The Rise

Big Fish Wins

Charlie's New Suit

Strudel Hausball

Craig Picking Nose

Big Fish Wins Photo Shoot

Anathallo - Metro

Monster Wash


Phoenix - Double Door

Bob Nanna - Schubas

Josh & Eli Caterer - Schubas

K of C Golf Outing

Better Than Ezra - Sheffield Fest

My Morning Jacket - Taste of Chicago

We Are Scientists - Metro

Parrot Attack

Alphabet Zoo

Ella vs Sophie

Marmite Taste Off

Let's have a Break Dance Party

Cookie Loves Milk


Marcus Monroe - Riversplash


The Threadless Process

Today Show

Vega$ Vacation

Fish Tank

Final Flight

Entrepreneur Mag - Photo Shoot

Like Father Like Son

Owen - Beat Kitchen

Death Cab For Cutie - Studio X

These Are Just Waves

Goin Back To Indiana

Star Spangled T-Shirt

T-Shirt Gun Testing

It's A T-Shirt Gun!!!

99? Luftballons

We Dropped the Balls On Him

Threadless/ on Attack Of The Show

Hey Ross

Through The Legs?

Everybody Jump Now

Cliff Jumpers

Skiing with Spart

Craig The Master

Please Put The Seat Down

Snoqualmie Falls

What The Beep You Lookin At?

The Sound Booth

Conference Vitamin Ping Pong

Bouncy Ball Drop

Banana Quest

Kimmel Christmas Gift

Hit by Hit

Skinnycorp Gladiators



Skate Box

skinnyCorp Christmas Tree

Charlie McDonald

Stolen Tree

Mission: Revenge

Charlie's Gots Moves

Ross' First Snowball

Lighting 1220

Pumpkin Drop

Super Dolly 2

Track N Field

Bean Bag Jumping

Let's Just Go to the Alley

Fruit Golf

Tee Tower


He's Trapped

Squeeze Me

Magic Pencil

Arby's mountain

Juggler Tongue

Dental Plan

Rock Out Orders

Another One Bites the Dust

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Donating $100,300.00


Trip to Fenway

05 Purdue Kickoff

It's The Incredible Hulk

Bungee Jump

Last Pin Standing

Bomb Pop

Shooting Gallery

Where's the Money

The Lunch Stike of 05

Charlie and the Mechanics

Bye Wall

Nerf Attack

Super dolly

Half moon

New Fufillment

Odd Grilling

Fireball, Fireball, Fireball!

Fogo Feast

Format This

Chopping Cacti

Rocket Chair

Now Those Are Some Fast Feet

Here comes trouble

Yo Ho A Pirates Life For Me

The Rundown

Ship This

Aquarium Montage

Shish Kabober

Hey It's Jake

ABC7 Feature

One Loose Bolt

Mountain Drive By

Ride By

Frisbee Rescue

360 Rocky Mountains

The New Sunny D Comercial

All Hail The King

Leaving Copper Mountain

Street Team Points

Rocky Mountains


Tater Tower

The Break


On The Run

Dried Snot Tears

Out Of Focus Tree Grind

Pull Some Fools

The Last Video of Jacob

There's Only One Way Down

Runaway Jef

Tug of Jeeps

Creek Drive

Whoa Jeep Splash

Almost Doesn't Count

Machete's Best

Truck Boat

Avalanche Starter

Document This

It's Got A Chance

Buckle up for Safety

Daley Plaza Countdown

A View To A Miss

Tee'd Off

The Putt Heard Around The Block

Stair Sledding

Colonoscropies are Rock Man

Harlow on The Price is Right
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